Custom Demographic Reports

A demographic report prepared by a Certified Commercial Investment Manager CCIM is different from a typical residential demographic report.  CCIM member have access to the CCIM Site To Do Business STDB. The STDB offers several different types of reports and map funcions. CCIM Demographic Market Reports have market information and spending habits as well as the unique ability to create visual reports on maps using demographic data. The market demographic report is very helpful as it indicates how much spending is occuring in an area, this can be very helpful when determining if a location is right for you. Reports can sort data based on Age, Sex, Occupation, Income, Family, Housing, Language and Ethnicity. A comparison can also be made of 2 locations to show which location has more favorable demand for a business.  When you combine this with traffic counts and local knowledge of the area, a business can make a much nore educated decision on a potential location.